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  • 特深後跟杯
  • AERO SPRING 前掌發泡層
  • 外殼採用EVOLYTET™ 碳纖維 提供穩定承托力 )
  • 鞋墊前掌斜邊設計,更容易放進鞋內

Superfeet RUN Comfort Insoles

The Superfeet RUN Comfort Insoles are high-tech running performance insoles designed to maximise the comfort of their wearer. Durably built from high-quality materials, they offer long lasting support to keep your feet healthy and pain free. 

What Are the Features of the Superfeet RUN Comfort Insoles?

These insoles utilise the best of Superfeet's advanced insole technology to generate robust and long-lasting foot support. To provide the most comfortable and efficient running experience possible, the Superfeet RUN Comfort Insoles include:

  • An Aerospring Rebound Dual Comfort Foam layer, which offers comfort to the full length of your foot
  • An Evolyte Carbon Fibre Stabilizer Cap which maintains the shape of your insole after compression, to expand its lifespan and maintain dynamic support
  • A Deep Heel Cup which supports the heel to generate additional shock absorption and cushioning
  • A Heel Impact Technology (HIT) Pod which disperses impact away from the heel, reducing discomfort and risk of injury
  • Superfeet Moisturewick technology which aids in wicking sweat to minimise foot and shoe odour

During Which Activities Can I Use These Insoles?

While specifically developed for running, Superfeet RUN Comfort Insoles are a versatile insole that can help you with any physical activity involving repeated impact between your feet and the floor, including:

  • A variety of running sports, on soft or hard surfaces
  • Court sports such as tennis, squash or basketball
  • Field sports like football or rugby (although if you are wearing boots or studs the Superfeet RUN Comfort Thin Insoles may be more appropriate)
  • Walking and hiking
  • Golfing

How Do the Superfeet RUN Comfort Insoles Work?

These insoles integrate full-foot cushioning foam with a carbon fibre stabiliser cup to guide your stride and spring into good posture. This allows your gait to remain efficient for miles on end.

At the same time the deep heel cup works alongside Superfeet's HIT heel pod to prevent unnecessary impact on the heel and avoid injury. Impact is distributed across your foot to avoid localised burn or stress.

Who Are These Insoles For?

These insoles are excellent for anyone who experiences foot fatigue or pain while running. They offer a balance of performance enhancing and comfort maximising properties to revolutionise your experience.

How Thick are These Insoles?

The Superfeet RUN Comfort Insoles are fairly thick, measuring 6mm depth. They do, however, have a soft foam layer which will compress under the foot, so it shouldn't feel too crowded in your shoe.

Will the Superfeet RUN Comfort Insoles Improve My Running?

The Aerospring Rebound Dual Comfort Foam of these insoles is not only uniquely comfortable, but also aids in the efficient transfer of energy through your stride. By distributing the impact across your feet, these insoles also reduce the risk of strain and injury on your feet. This allows you to run at your best for longer and safer than before.

Will the Superfeet RUN Comfort Insoles Reduce My Foot Odour?

The moisturewick technology in these insoles uses advanced materials to wick away sweat from your feet. Not only does this improve your comfort and reduce the risk of blistering, it also minimises the potential for bacteria to grow, which would cause odour.

How Long Will the Superfeet RUN Comfort Insoles Last?

The specific longevity of your insoles will depend on your use, but due to their durable construction these insoles should continue to offer robust support for up to twelve months or 500 miles.


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