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About Amigos Kingdom

AmigosKingdom.com was established in 2009 and is subsidiary by Genetic Group Limited.  It has been rooted in Hong Kong for many years, serving customers with high-quality, professional, and sincere attitude. At the beginning of its establishment, the main customers were health-conscious people, silver-haired people and rehabilitation.  We provide innovative one-stop online high-quality life and health products and professional services.

From 2009 to now, entering the 13th year, our commitment to customers has won the support and trust of family customers, business and institutional customers, thank you very much!

From serving Hong Kong, Macau to Mainland China, we operate online retail and wholesale of products. In recent years, we have received more overseas orders to export products to overseas countries and cities. With more than 13 years of e-commerce experience in this industry, it is hard to come by.  Amigos Kingdom is a trusted partner!


Treat people with sincerity and trustworthiness!


Play with diversity and achieve more through teamwork!


We takes health first, advocates prevention rather than cure, and searches the world for the supply of the highest quality healthy life products. Over the years, it has insisted that "checking" is important, and as a protector for people's healthy life, customers feel at ease when using products Joy, this is the mission of the Amigos Kingdom!


Innovation, unique and excellence, and aim at the highest level!


  • 2009 老友王國網上零售平台正式成立,首間香港創辦長者與復康健康生活零網上零售平台

  • 2009至2018 老友王國於香港18區商場內舉辦多場巡迴推廣品牌,同時,舉行多場舞台活動節目,深受市民歡迎到商場內購物

  • 2014 老友王國與港澳地區多間長者機構合作至現在

  • 2020 疫情肆虐嚴重影響全球,老友王國快速地為大家提供防疫產品由海外市場運送到香港,包括: 口罩, 手套, 保護衣, 探熱槍, 次氯酸水製造機....

  • 2022 老友王國 Elder-Kingdom.com 為配合業務發展,英文域名正式命名為 AmigosKingdom.com,而“老友王國”中文名稱不變。為加速提升業務推廣和市場發展, 智達利集團有限公司於2022年6月1日起將老友王國AmigosKingdom.com業務管理及市場推廣發展項目, 授權交由易傳快數碼媒體META POST DIGITAL MEDIA 負責營運管理和推廣發展, 而智達利集團有限公司會全力支持!