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Suzuki Mint Foot Patch (30 pieces)

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Mint Foot Patch (30 pieces)
Brand: The Essence of Nature

Import from Korea.  The main ingredients have made in Japan.  Support your health and the function is long last 8 to 10 hours.

Release wet, tired, and keeping the hand and foot warm.  This patch is also helpful to different pain symptoms.  It's suitable for the different people living in city.  It can use in different area of body such as foot, hand, shoulder, back, etc.

3 months (6 boxes) healthy promotion: $250/box(30 pcs)

( Helps improve and enhance health, feel relax, energetic, and improve pain)

Introduction of Suzuki Foot Patch(Cantonese):


     Try our Mint foot patch at night when you have been walking for hours during the trip


    Peppermint oil, Pyroligneous liquid, loquat extract, vitamin C


    30 pieces


    Patch:60mm x 90mm,4g

    Sticker:95mm x 132mm





    懷孕女仕或未滿10歲的兒童,請勿使用Forest Sap足貼


What is Foot Patch?

Foot patches are made in the form of a patch by powdering Pyroligneous liquid, mugwort, and loquat leaves.

Far-infrared rays are emitted from ingredients of foot patches, and sweat is actively discharged through the principle of oriental medicine, for a refreshing feeling after use.

Our foot care products ensure basic foot care and are effective for hydration and protection of the feet.

Principle of foot patch

Foot patches are based on the principles of oriental medicine, which induces rapid blood circulation due to temperature difference by keeping the upper part of the body cold, such as using foot baths and half body baths, while warming the lower body or feet.

Foot patches emit far-infrared rays and absorb sweat and excess moisture based on the principle of osmotic pressure, like the moisture suction of trees.

To maintain optimal health conditions, the human body maintain strong circulation to prevent accumulation of impurities and debris or blockages.

Foot patches are the perfect foot care products for today’s busy people, to help them reduce the hassle of foot baths and half body baths. Simply, attach the patch before going to bed.

Attach to your soles of your feet
before going to bed.

Why do you need foot care?

The feet are the second heart because they support the weight of our body, have reflex points that correspond to human organs, and carry the blood received from the heart back through the veins.

A healthy body comes from healthy feet.

There are various management methods to help the health of the feet. Foot baths help blood circulation and relieve fatigue, foot massages release tight muscles and stimulate reflexes, strengthen foot muscles, and manage calluses.

The foot patch protects foot skin with various active ingredients, emits far-infrared rays, and absorbs sweat so that today’s busy people can easily take care of their feet.

Transform your foot health with Pyroligneous foot patch like a massage before going to bed.

Lighter and refreshing with the far-infrared effect!

You can see from the thermal imaging camera test results that the body temperature at the site where the foot patch is attached increases by 1-2 degrees.

With increased body temperature, you can feel your body become lighter.

Introduction to raw ingredients

What's Far Infrared?

更係唔單止袪濕能力强咁簡單, 鈴木保健貼的主要原材料是來自日本, 它發出的遠紅外線能深入皮膚深處, 有效促進血液循環及按摩穴位, 達到最佳的保健作用及改善睡眠。

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